• TBM Cutters and accessories

    Ceratizit Carbide Inserts,Timken Tapered Roller Bearing,Imported Sealing System,Vacuum Heat Treated Cutter Rings,Guaranteed Service Life.

  • RBM & RCD Roller Cutters

    According to custemer's requirements,High Quality Tungsten Carbide Inserts and Scientific Arrangement,Good Bearing and Sealing,High Wear Resistance.

  • Core Barrel Rock Roller Bits

    According to the characteristics of rock mechanics, optimizing the arrangement of teeth, tooth number and tooth number, ensuring high cutting efficiency.

  • Railway Ballast Tamping tools

    High quality alloy and scientific arrangement; technics about vacuum heat treating, forging, silver brazing,ensuring the tamping picks high wear resistance and high anti corrosion.

  • Foundation Drilling Tools

    Mainly including: rotary drilling teeth, bucket teeth, tooth holder and cutter teeth, flat picks, high quality workmanship and material selection, ensuring product hardness, toughness, wear resistance and work efficiency.

  • Mining Tools

    Mainly including mining bits, tooth holder, teeth sleeve and tooth handle, high strength, good abrasion resistance, long life, widely used in all kinds of mining machines.

  • Rock Drilling Tools

    Mainly including the drill rod, drill bits, diamond drill, hole drill. high drilling speed, long service life. Widely used in mining, rock drilling and other fields.

  • Other Carbide Cutting Tools

    We also produce opening drill tool and drill pipe, road milling bits, dredging cutter teeth, HDD welded teeth, stump cutter teeth, VSI Crusher Rotor Tips and so on.

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Products Applications:

Our products are applied mostly at:

Meanwhile, Our Products also widely used onOil Well Drilling, Water Conservancy Project, Geological Exploration, Dredging Engineering, Rotary Drilling Rig Construction and other construction areas. Your Tungsten Carbide Cutting and Drilling Tools.

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In Short, we specialize and love providing the following support:

Cutters Optimization and Design

Cutters Maintenance Services

One to one follow-up Services.

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  • Company

    • Company

      Estcutters provides solutions for construction industries,such as tunneling,rotary drilling,raise boring,exploration,mining,trenching and foundation drilling.

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  • NEWS

    • Guangzhou Metro Line 18

      Guangzhou Metro Line 18

      The track company Guangzhou Metro Line 18 successfully completed the lifting of the first large-diameter TBM. The TBM is not the earth pressure balance TBM widely used by the company, but a 8.8-meterslurry balance TBM that is more than twice as heavy as t

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    • Maha Metro likely to run train f

      Maha Metro likely to run train f

      Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MAHA-METRO) had promised to run metro trains between Lokmanya Nagar and Subhash Nagar from march 2019. but now plan

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    • Dalian Metro Line 5 (M5)

      Dalian Metro Line 5 (M5)

      Dalian Metro Line 5 (M5) is from Hutan New District to the new airport. The line passes through the high-strength residential area of Hutan New District, Jiefang Road residential area, Labor Park, Qingniwa Commercial Center, Dalian Railway Station and Shu

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