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  • Professional Service-ESTCUTTERS

    Professional Service

    1. East Engineering Tools provide timely response to you needs with relevant   replies and solutions.

    2. We closely follow up on the cutter usage of each project and keep improving the cutter life based on site feedback.

  • Professional Technology-ESTCUTTERS

    Professional Technology

    Every year we continue to develop new materials, processes and cutter designs. East Engineering Tools offers the newest technology available because we do more research and development into metallurgy and heat treatment than any other cutter manufacturer. We have conducted extensive tests on hundreds of projects for over half a century — on real projects under the worst conditions. With this information, we have developed the best products on the market.

  • Professional Manufacturing-ESTCUTTERS

    Professional Manufacturing

    East Engineerin Tools  have high-tech, high-precision mechanical equipment such as world-class CNC lathes, CNC punching machines, CNC milling machines, CNC drilling machines, machining centers, etc. We also do heat treatment and stress relieving on the cutter parts inhouse.

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