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Shiziyang Tunnel of Foshan-Dongguan Inter-city Subway

 The Shiziyang Tunnel has a total length of 6476.4 meters, of which the tunnel is 4,900 meters long. It adopts a world-class tunnel boring machine with a diameter of 13.61 meters and a normal pressure cutter change function. It starts from Panyu District of Guangzhou and passes through the Pearl River. After that, the hole was opened on the side of Dongguan.


  • 地质状况
  • 采用刀具
  • 设备参数
  • 施工单位
  • 城市名称
  •  Most of the complex strata in the project are mid-weathered and strongly weathered sandstones, and there are long-distance fracture zones with rock strengths ranging from 30-100 MPa.


  •  This project is the most challenging large diameter TBM project we are involved in. The concrete manifestations are: The stratum is mostly sandstone, which has a large wear on the cutter. There are many soft and hard uneven sections and many rock fracture zones. The pressure is large, and the maximum water pressure reaches 7 bar or more. The above points bring challenges to the wear resistance, impact resistance, internal and external pressure balance of the disc cutter and the stability of the overall life of the disc cutter. Since the cooperation with the project in March 2017, through trial and error to improve the cutters with the project leader, from the monoblock disc cutter →split disc cutter  → monoblock disc cutter with big flat teethsplit disc cutter with big flat teeth. Up to now, the cutter style has been basically finalized, standardized, and achieved considerable results. Take the gauge disc cutter as an example. So far, the life of the cutter has increased from the initial 20-30 ring to more than 70 rings. The front disc cutter around the center has a life of about 150 rings.



  •  Tunnel length: 6476.4 Meters

    TBM Diameter: 13.61 Meters

    TBM Name::Herrenknecht Lion



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