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Beijing--Zhangjiakou High-speed Train Tunnel

 In 1909, the Jingzhang Railway, which was designed and built by Zhan Tianyou, was the first railway built independently by the Chinese. It solved the huge construction problems with the "human" shape design scheme. Jingzhang Railway Tsinghua Park Station with a history of 100 years, has been retained to this day. Today, in order to commemorate Zhan Tianyou, the tunnel boring machine that digs the Tsinghua Park tunnel is named "Tianyou".

The Tsinghua Park Tunnel is the largest high-speed railway tunnel boring currently excavated in China. It is also the only tunnel constructed by the shield method. It is a high risk tunnel with large diameter shield of single tunnel and double line across the most complex stratum and most important buildings, which is located in the core area of the city at present in China.

  • 地质状况
  • 采用刀具
  • 设备参数
  • 施工单位
  • 城市名称
  •  Mainly for full-section pebble strata, pebbles and silt composite strata

  •  Overall pressure replaceable cutters  and soft ground cutters

  • 1.the diameter of Tunnel boring machine: 12.2m                2.the name of tunnel boring machine:Tianyouhao  

  •  China Railway 14th Bureau

  •  Excavation of the largest diameter high-speed rail tunnel in Beijing.The only tunnel in the whole line of Jing-Zhang high-speed railway that adopts shield construction.At present, the single tunnel, double line, large-diameter shield tunnel with the most complex stratum and the most important buildings is located in China.

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