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Dalian Metro Line 5 (M5)

 Dalian Metro Line 5 (M5) is from Hutan New District to the new airport. The line passes through the high-strength residential area of Hutan New District, Jiefang Road residential area, Labor Park, Qingniwa Commercial Center, Dalian Railway Station and Shuttle Fish Bay City Sub-center. The main functional areas such as the old Ganjingzi area, the spring high-strength residential area, and the post-salt transportation hub. It has a total length of 23.8 kilometers and has 18 stations. It is equipped with Houguancun Comprehensive Maintenance Base and Hutan New Area Parking Lot.


Metro Line 5 connects the functional core carriers of the two major cities of Qingniwa and Shuttle Fish Bay, and connects the two external transportation hubs of Dalian Railway Station and Dalian New Airport, breaking the bay to the Qingniwa, the Muyuwan area and even the old Ganjingzi. The blockage of the area changed the single westward passage of the Ganjingzi area in the past, providing a new way of travel for the Ganjingzi area. The capacity of Dalian Metro Line 3 is near saturation and is expanding. According to the passenger flow section analysis of the current status of Metro Line 3, Houyan to the railway station is the area with the largest passenger flow pressure of Metro Line 3, while Metro Line 5 is transferred twice at the railway station and Houyan and Metro Line 3, which can be effective. Relieve passenger flow pressure in the core area of Metro Line 3.


According to the plan, Metro Line 5 starts from the Ocean Plaza at the intersection of Binhai East Road and Hutan Road in Hutan New Area in the south, and passes through the Tiger Beach Park to the west and then to the east side of the Labor Park along the Jiefang Road in the northwest. Entering the friendly street to the north, after crossing the Harbin-Dalian Railway, go to the Dalian Railway Station North Square, cross the bay and enter the Musk Bay area, go north along the Ganjingzi Road to the spring water, the post-salt, and the Shenhai Expressway, the Ha-Da high-speed railway After the 202 National Highway exits the ground, the terminal is located at Houguancun Station. You can transfer to the North Extension Line of Dalian Metro Line 1 to Jinzhou Bay International Airport at Houguancun Station.

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