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Guangzhou Metro Line 18

 The track company Guangzhou Metro Line 18 successfully completed the lifting of the first large-diameter TBM. The TBM is not the earth pressure balance TBM widely used by the company, but a 8.8-meterslurry balance TBM that is more than twice as heavy as their weight. The project needs to cross the 510-meter long-span Jiaomen waterway and the 500-meters long-span Xili waterway twice. The stratum has structural risks such as poor stability, high water pressure, water inrush and collapse.

Guangzhou metro line 18 supports the construction of Nansha new area and Nansha free trade zone, realizes the overall urban planning of guangzhou, and supports the development strategy of "southern extension".It is necessary to perfect the rail transit network, improve the living environment and promote the integrated development of social economy.It is the need of developing green transportation, realizing sustainable development and building a harmonious society.In order to relieve the traffic pressure of guangzhou metro line 3, line 18 is also the encrypted line of guangzhou metro 3.

Writer: Time:2019-05-07 11:02:13

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