TBM Center Cutter
  • TBM Center Cutter
  • TBM Center Cutter
  • TBM Center Cutter
  • TBM Center Cutter

TBM Center Cutter

Item No.: TCC11
Ceratizit Carbide Inserts
Heat Treated Bodies
Hard Facing for Wear Resistance
Silver Brazing
Individually Customizable
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Installed in the center of the Cutterhead, it is used to excavate the rock-soils in the center of the excavated face, meanwhile, it played a role in aligning the Cutterhead center. It consists of overall structure and split type which can be exchanged with Center Disc Cutter.

The Material for the TBM Soft Ground Cutters:
①    Carbide teeth: we only use the Chinese well-known CB-CERATIZIT Tungsten Carbide tips, according to the geological working condition to choose the alloy grades, to make sure the alloy can suit for the different geological working conditions and have great performance.
②    Steel Body: We choose the Chinese Large and Famous steel making plant high quality alloy structure steel 42CrMo,that have the following mechanical property:
  • Strength of extension : 1080 Mpa
  • Yield point:930 Mpa
  • Percentage elongation of fracture:12%
  • Percentage reduction of area:45%
  • Impact absorbing energy:63J
       The hardness after heat treatment is HRC 40±3,it has a pretty high wear resistance and toughness ,laid a solid foundation for the long service lift of the cutters.
③    Welding Stick for hard facing: Choose the high wear resistance welding stick, the surface hardness of the welding cladding can reach to HRC55~60, ensure the hard facing can protect the cutter body won’t be worn and prolong the cutter’s service life.
④    Welding Material for carbide teeth: Choose the Silver base brazing technology, the weld strength can reach to 260Mpa, to ensure the carbide teeth not falling off the cutter body.
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