Center Twin Disc Cutter
  • Center Twin Disc Cutter
  • Center Twin Disc Cutter
  • Center Twin Disc Cutter
  • Center Twin Disc Cutter
  • Center Twin Disc Cutter

Center Twin Disc Cutter

Item No.: tdc02
● Bearings: TIMKEN Corp.
● Floating seal:Trelleborg
● Floating seal seat, left and right end cap material: 40CrNiMoA HRC36 ± 3
● Mandrel material: 40CrNiMoA HRC42 ± 3
● Oil type: Shell SHEL460
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Installed in the mixed Cutterhead or hard rock Cutterhead, It crushes the rock through the cutter rings rolling into the rocks in the excavated face. It is mainly used for full face rock strata or some composite formations.

EAST designs and manufactures the most technically advanced disc cutters worldwide with a commitment to high quality and continual improvement. No matter the geology, no matter the machine type or manufacturer, no matter the size .EAST has the cutting solution to meet your needs. 



Forgings are made by the closed die method as Germany. Subsequent processing consisting of two machining steps and four heat treatment steps are completed in China.
EAST disc rings are made of proprietary tool steel produced to EAST specifications. The steel manufacturing processes are designed to keep impurities to the lowest.Melting in an Electric Arc Furnace is followed by vacuum degassing. Ingot molds are filled from the bottom with the liquid steel shrouded in argon gas. Exceptionally clean steel ensures high resistance to fatigue, resulting in longer cutter disc life.
Carburized and case-hardened, EAST uses Timken tapered roller bearings that outperform other bearings in dynamically loaded conditions and harsh environments. During assembly, the bearings are pre-loaded to effectively excavate hard rock in the most severe operating conditions.


Durable metal-to-metal face seals eliminate ingress of foreign materials while silicone torics maintain elasticity even at high temperatures.

The patented Robbins pressure compensation retainer has a superior piston design with a much larger surface area than other cutter manufacturers. The outer surfaces are carburized and case-hardened for extended life in harsh conditions.

Made of durable alloy steel, Robbins hubs are furnace heat-treated, quenched, and tempered for toughness. The disc-mounting surface is further induction hardened and finished by grinding.

EAST shafts are made of the same alloy steel as the hubs, and go through an identical process of heat-treatment, quenching, and tempering. They are additionally gas nitride for surface hardness
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