We moved to the new building

In March, the beginning of the new year, Shandong EAST Engineering Tools Co.,LTD moved into the new office building, which was a new milestone in the development of the company. In order to ensure the successful relocation of the office and enter the normal working state quickly, our company deployed in a unified manner and acted in batches. We made detailed plans in advance and with the active cooperation of all departments, the relocation work was successfully completed.

The new office building covers an area of more than 5000 square meters, which integrates offices, the meeting room, reception rooms, Gyms and lecture halls. The new office building has been greatly improved in terms of hardware facilities and environment. The design is simple but atmospheric, which fully demonstrates EAST’s inclusive and forward cultural deposits. The new office building provides new impetus for the company’s sustainable development and makes a new level for better customer service.

With the new environment, new look and new hope, we believe the new removal of the office building indicates that the company will enter a new stage of development. The whole company will take the opening of the office building as an opportunity to enhance the “EAST” brand, strengthen the core business and make great contributions to the high-quality development of the infrastructure industry.