CRTG Shenzhen Chunfeng Project: a reliable supplier for the most difficult TMB project in China


The project is an underpass highway tunnel with a full length of 3600 meters. It used a CREG TBM with a diameter of 15.8 meters. Crossing through formations of moderately weakly weathered granite, mylonite, tectonic breccia, sandstone and weakly weathered slate, the project has complex geological conditions with highest UCS of 170MPa.


Diameter of the TBM is very large. The project is in urban area with lots of ground sources of risk. With complex geological conditions, it is the most difficult project in China to date. Stable cutters are extremely important. 

Measures and effects: 

In early stage of the project, cutters from five manufacturers were compared. We have no fears to compete with various other brands. Based on hard facts, the customer determined our company as the main cutter supplier.


The back-installed TCI disc cutters used in the early stage


The front- installed disc cutters configured by EAST at a later stage